Upcycle Chairs

So my lovely sister is saving up to buy a condo! I’m so excited for her. My butt is not as excited. She has this horribly uncomfortable, ugly, old chair; she doesn’t want to buy a new one till she gets a new house. It’s been abused by cats, dogs, bunnies and years of people’s butts. So the next few posts are going to be a bunch of crafts to fix her chair. I plan to entirely redo this chair. The first step is its foundation.

Craft number one will be to fix the horribly chewed chair legIMG_1115.JPG



This craft is pretty easy for smaller damages. This is a pretty severe chew. If I was a better crafter I would just cut a new leg. Unfortunately I am no carpenter and I have no power tools.

I got a pretty good coverage on the smaller bites but I’m going have to add some more wood to it. I’m thinking popsicle sticks.



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